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Loki’s time has come. Watch the brand-new trailer for "Loki," and start streaming the Marvel Studios Original Series June 11 on Disney+.
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5. april. 2021





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TallicaMan1986 Time siden
This is looking seriously good.
D H 2 timer siden
"well, I'd never do it again!" Me. Just. Me.
Willy Lorenzo
Willy Lorenzo 2 timer siden
Imagine some how he goes to the universe in where the MCU is right now and somehow meets up with thorlove and thunder maybe in the movie or end credits.
R0B1NG5 2 timer siden
I wasn't sure if Owen Wilson would work in this role at first. But he really Wowed me in this trailer.
cat server
cat server 2 timer siden
Raise your hand if you're already searching for an article of clothing that says variant. (i am)
jasperge 2 timer siden
this is a pretty cool late birthday gift tbh
RIvaldo santos
RIvaldo santos 3 timer siden
show de bola !!!!!
Rainbow Unicorn
Rainbow Unicorn 3 timer siden
2:08 IIƎꓒWOꓒ
Jasmyn 3 timer siden
Loki 💜
Dev 3 timer siden
excellent trailer
Suzo Fashion
Suzo Fashion 3 timer siden
Wow amazing 😍
Bhanu Bhati
Bhanu Bhati 4 timer siden
Hindi dubbed trailer by saptrishi 🔥🔥
J Quanzy ThaGoat
J Quanzy ThaGoat 4 timer siden
Shocking that Deadpool isn’t in this
Caesar Gee
Caesar Gee 5 timer siden
UTKÀRSH shukla
UTKÀRSH shukla 5 timer siden
Like umbrella academy
Christian Humer
Christian Humer 5 timer siden
Well, Strange probably saw this one already, too.
Vlog Music Nation
Vlog Music Nation 5 timer siden
We have seen loki as villain and now we are going to see loki as a Hero ..Sounds interesting 🔥🔥🔥
Chicken Iz amazed
Chicken Iz amazed 5 timer siden
Lol he always comes back. He's like the William Afton of the marvel universe.
Vlog Music Nation
Vlog Music Nation 5 timer siden
Lokiii 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Vlog Music Nation
Vlog Music Nation 5 timer siden
Hydersun fearless
Hydersun fearless 5 timer siden
oh nah oh nah this is going to hit the record!!
Brendahayz Pxh
Brendahayz Pxh 5 timer siden
y’all better don’t kill him again this time 😭 HE DESERVES BETTER
Yo Mama
Yo Mama 5 timer siden
thanks for supporting Donald Trump´s second term finacially......NOT ! ✊🏾
Dylan Wicklund
Dylan Wicklund 6 timer siden
Loki has always been 1 of my favorite characters so this is just awesome
Speaker John Ash
Speaker John Ash 6 timer siden
My only confusion is why a God aged so much between Ragnarok and now. How did his hairline go so quickly?
S Lee
S Lee 6 timer siden
Is that Natasha @ 2:07?
Harley Quinn
Harley Quinn 7 timer siden
My man is coming back! ! !
ariana petrova
ariana petrova 7 timer siden
I’m in love
Diya Sharma
Diya Sharma 7 timer siden
love the character and watching trailer again and again
Aishwarya Hirepatt
Aishwarya Hirepatt 7 timer siden
Best birthday present!
Thanos 7 timer siden
Wait what the f-
Emika Bhandari
Emika Bhandari 7 timer siden
Hawkeye be like; did you miss someone for a movie..
soup fairy23
soup fairy23 7 timer siden
my husband
rao rahul
rao rahul 7 timer siden
Liked just for the dialogue presentation- I would never do it again.
Jenna Roberts
Jenna Roberts 8 timer siden
15+ million views in a week. You can really tell how popular Loki is.
Erica H. Ljung
Erica H. Ljung 8 timer siden
Whenever this video comes up as a comercial before a new video is played I stay and watch it.
曾傑夫 8 timer siden
this loki will to be changed time of Netflix. Amazon. universal and another
Løkî God Of Mischief
I said way more then that
Nadja Reichel
Nadja Reichel 9 timer siden
I kind of hope that infinity war and endgame were just a result of Loki breaking reality. So when he fixed it everything that we’ve seen in those two movies didn’t even happened and could be like a memory, a déjà vu from another life. Which would mean that Tony, Nat, Loki, Vision and Gamora (not just 2014 Gamora) would be alive. Steve wouldn’t be old, Clint hadn’t retired, Bruce would still be able to use his hand and Thor wouldn’t be with the guardians. Maybe Thanos would come in this timeline as well but they would be prepared and would know what he was going to do so thinks would unfold differently.
Mr Critical
Mr Critical 3 timer siden
Ain’t gonna happen dude, let go
Loki 9 timer siden
loki 🖤
Marlou MN
Marlou MN 9 timer siden
slt moi c marlou jazz en promosion
IHasFins 9 timer siden
Agent: Sign this too. Loki: *struggling to say nothing*
Abhijith Puthanveetil
Abhijith Puthanveetil 9 timer siden
WandaVison Sam and Bucky Loki and Mobius
Ma. Carelyn Degracia
Ma. Carelyn Degracia 9 timer siden
"You've literally stabbed people in the back like 50 times" Loki: 😳 "well i'll never do that again" Classic Loki This series will be massive
Ma. Carelyn Degracia
Ma. Carelyn Degracia 9 timer siden
@ZAP GAMERZ oh gee thanks. Thought it was 😊
ZAP GAMERZ 9 timer siden
It's a series not a Movie
Nick Raph
Nick Raph 10 timer siden
So, in this branch, thanos didnt get the tessarect because Loki has it...so, thanos is still alive on this branch too.....so, there's a chance gamora will be back and reunited with starlord....i hope so.......they did her dirty by killing her just after she finally reconcile with nebula.....like come on, let them be together as sister without the hate
Brilliantbrylle 04
Brilliantbrylle 04 10 timer siden
A B 10 timer siden
NOPE. Garbage marvel trying hardest to squeeze every penny from characters. BORING NOW
Kwoopa 10 timer siden
Technically, this is all happening because of stairs....
Zach Niles
Zach Niles 10 timer siden
Wait guys, in the trailer near the end you see Natasha??????
Zach Niles
Zach Niles 5 timer siden
ZAP GAMERZ 9 timer siden
No its female loki
Sanju Tamang
Sanju Tamang 10 timer siden
many of you guys must be thinking Loki is back to live again but let me clear this, this Loki is from the past who escape from New York 2014. when Team of Avenger went back in 2014 to take the stone TESARAK, loki took the stone and escape have anyone noticed ? go check it out and if you find something more let me know plz.
Gallavich Love80
Gallavich Love80 10 timer siden
Loki is such a charming and funny character. It wouldn't be long for Marvel to give him his own series.
oofer doofer
oofer doofer 11 timer siden
this man has died the most ever
Ratna Kumar
Ratna Kumar 11 timer siden
This is awesome
insomniac 11 timer siden
If i die before seeing this, i'll kill myself again
Luke skywalker
Luke skywalker 4 timer siden
But you can do same thing as loki bring yourself back alive
Ranjit singh Chahal
Ranjit singh Chahal 11 timer siden
I am smart.......😎😎😎
Pranay Dipak Chandekar
Pranay Dipak Chandekar 11 timer siden
Was that Scarlett Johansson at 2:06?
Harvey Animates
Harvey Animates 8 timer siden
No, its the person who plays Lady Loki, i forget her name tho
Suresh 2011
Suresh 2011 11 timer siden
Raghav Sharma
Raghav Sharma 12 timer siden
The person who will kill Lockie will win $10000000000 Lockie-Wtf you will kill me🖕🏻
raheem debellotte
raheem debellotte 12 timer siden
Why dont marvel the new hulk a movie
Arkate! 12 timer siden
Is that Nat/Black Widow? 😮😮😮 2:05
Dogwater 12 timer siden
I thought loki was dead????
Nila Amelia
Nila Amelia 12 timer siden
Denzel Washington please for the next king of wakanda
Hingora Sohil
Hingora Sohil 12 timer siden
Will released in Hindi?
Bruhh 12 timer siden
Is blackwidow dead ? Marvel : yes but no
Rayna Lynch
Rayna Lynch 12 timer siden
Sambit Ghosh
Sambit Ghosh 12 timer siden
@2:06 was that black widow??
Doctor Pan
Doctor Pan 13 timer siden
Who is the girl at 2:06
Destian Pratama
Destian Pratama 13 timer siden
Trend 1🐱
Vedanth Nanesha
Vedanth Nanesha 13 timer siden
Is Loki ever gonna die Marvel: "Nah"
Sudhakar Dubey
Sudhakar Dubey 13 timer siden
The web-series i waitiang for
heredownunder 14 timer siden
Rob Wright
Rob Wright 14 timer siden
Is that Black Widow at 2:06?
Just Leo
Just Leo 14 timer siden
Owen Wilson: "Wow"
THOR ODINSON 14 timer siden
Loki!!! I thought you were dead 🤪
Jules Escouboué
Jules Escouboué 14 timer siden
1:26 what if this is the earth from the timeline Loki escaped, or it could be the one Thanos visited after finding out what the avengers’ plan was
Mr Critical
Mr Critical 12 timer siden
Personally I think it’s the timeline where Ultron won
Lailah Suleiman
Lailah Suleiman 15 timer siden
Thor would glad to see this
LK_LOkOKRZ CODM Gaming 15 timer siden
bowen voowy
bowen voowy 16 timer siden
I think Mobius will use Loki to fix the timeline and then will try to kill him, but Loki being Loki will escape and comeback in original timeline because he is 10 steps ahead of hi
John Shadoe
John Shadoe 16 timer siden
They will reveal the timeline where Loki was impersonating Odin. The timeline where he had a daughter. The one where Hela was born. Time to explain who Hela's real father is.
D i n o V l o g s
D i n o V l o g s 16 timer siden
sooo we all are just gonna ignore the fact natasha was in a clip... okay
Spider 16 timer siden
1 month!!
Dennis Edimeh
Dennis Edimeh 16 timer siden
Reverent Fox
Reverent Fox 16 timer siden
This is how you cover a massive plot hole... with a time organisation
Severus Snape
Severus Snape 17 timer siden
Somebody said that joker is better than loki, and when I said that she was wrong, she said joker is a joke to you?? *I said: ONLY COMPARED TO SOME💚🐍😂*
Jed Maegraith
Jed Maegraith 17 timer siden
Pretty sure thats a skrull 0:07
therealknapster 17 timer siden
They don't half churn out utter crap
Christo Joel
Christo Joel 17 timer siden
Please dubbing in Tamil Hindi thelugu malayaum Kannada
Tom Lovett
Tom Lovett 17 timer siden
Time Varience Authority! Does this mean we're gonna get the Living Tribunal?
Try Man
Try Man 17 timer siden
Me to loki: Destroy the market of web series
Rasyid Zayyan
Rasyid Zayyan 17 timer siden
Loky is Lucky
KB GamerX Offcial
KB GamerX Offcial 18 timer siden
Thor love and Thunder trailer please
RogueEagle 18 timer siden
So is the original timeline loki and his contrubutions wiped or is now the only timeline that matters?
Mr Critical
Mr Critical 15 timer siden
That’s not how time travel works, when you go to the past you create an alternate timeline that lives alongside the original timeline, nothing actually gets changed
random guy
random guy 18 timer siden
This show gonna be low-key exciting
Arshiya Abid
Arshiya Abid 18 timer siden
But I don't want this villian to die ever
blurdreamer 18 timer siden
oh Loki, you can deceive me anytime you want XD
SadEyes 18 timer siden
Can’t wait
Mein Name
Mein Name 18 timer siden
2:07 is this Nat with him?????
Sunita Yadav
Sunita Yadav 18 timer siden
SAD REALITY..... When he was bad ....he was alive When he turned to right path..... we all know STILL ,LOKI WAS THE ONLY VILLIAN l DIDN'T WANT TO SEE HIM DYING🥺
mccnbinnie 18 timer siden
LOKI better not be dying in this, pls don't kill him again
Alberto Rojas
Alberto Rojas 4 timer siden
Loki will survive, simply because a second season is in development.
BILLY BUTCHER 19 timer siden
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